We always preach the importance of upgrading a vehicle's braking system when increasing tire and wheel size. When bigger, heavier wheels and tires get spinning, they are not as easy to corral as the factory wheel/tire combo the brake system was originally designed to handle. In the case of this Silverado, the 22-inch forged wheels are relatively light, but they still weigh more than the factory intended. With plenty of room for a heavy-duty set of brakes, the truck owner called Wilwood Engineering to get a set of their high-end TC6R six-piston 16-inch rotor big brakes. Wilwood has an installation bay that was perfect for our shoot, and Tony Porto, their go-to technician, knocked out the install for us. Check out how Wilwood added stopping power and head-turning looks to this future feature truck.

From The Driver Seat
A fter conducting our own 60-0 mph brake testing, the Wilwood kit stopped the Chevy 49.2 feet shorter than the factory brakes. That is an amazing feat and a tribute to the engineering behind the kit. As a bonus, the E-Coating only wears off where the brakes contact the pad, which helps you know whether or not your caliper is positioned properly, and while the exposed steel will rust just like any other brake, it is quickly scrubbed off after its first stop, leaving nothing on the rotor but shiny metal and black E-Coating.

Your Questions Answered

Time Spent Working: 6 hours

Parts Used:
Wilwood TC6R Big Brake Kit $5,838

Tools Used:
Inch-pound and foot-pound torque wrenches, flare-nut wrench, allen wrench, sockets

Total $5,838
(price does not include tax or installation)

Wilwood Engineering
4700 Calle Bolero
CA  93012
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