Endless hours in the gym, batting practice till your hands bleed, repeating fielding drills, and the desire to never quit are key parts of a big league ball player's repertoire and if his/her heart is not fully committed to success, then there is no reason to leave the dugout. Heart is the "it" factor that so many Hollywood sports movies focus on and in this month's installment of project: The Show, we'll show you what kind of heart and muscle this '67 Chevy C10 will flex.

As the Angels' second basemen, Howie Kendrick is no stranger to having big league-sized heart and when it came time for his classic Chevy, having some serious rumble under the hood was a prerequisite. For insight into why and how the engine choice was made, we sat down with the man behind the build—Aaron Iha, of Chassis by Aaron Iha. Make no mistake about it, project: The Show will be able to steal home with speed that would make Willie Mays Hayes jealous.

Be sure to check out the engine install and don't miss next month when we'll begin the insane body mods. Think you've seen it all when it comes to a C10? We guarantee you next issue will have you scratching your head!

1. I see when you guys were placing the cab onto the new chassis, the factory firewall was cut out. Was that done to make the future engine swap easier and if not, why do it ahead of time? When it came time for project: The Show's driveline, did you talk over options with Howie first, or did you have a general idea of what was going to power it?

2. As we see Dale Thomas and Ben Dodd positioning the engine in between the framerails, tell us the specifics behind the engine and why you opted for a fuel-injected LS engine over a common 350 small-block?

3. Making roughly 345 hp stock, the engine is already pretty stout, so whose idea was it to add a MagnaCharger supercharger?

4. Why go with a MagnaCharger blower, rather than a centrifugal type or even a turbo? Did the 6.0L have any internal engine work done prior to the blower being bolted on?

5. Whose valve covers, which look great by the way, did you bolt on? When you decided to add the smoothed billet valve covers, did you have a plan for the LS-series coil location or mounting solution(s)?

6. Checking out Ben installing the shorty headers, did you run into any fitment issues since the frame is a one-off custom?