But, if I was going to go to Texas, I figured I might as well go all the way to Tennessee for a truck show. What better show to go to than Relaxed Atmosphere's All-Star Event? And if I was going to a truck show, then why not fix the truck up as I drove along, because not only would that be a challenge, but it would give me an excuse to take a few detours and see old friends. It would also force me to keep the build simple and achievable. I needed a partner in crime and amazingly my friend and coworker Calin Head agreed to ride shotgun during the trip.

It was settled then. I called a few other friends to help fix up the truck during the road trip between California and Tennessee, and Calin and I got to work on the truck to get it road-worthy. After all, when the plan was put into motion, the truck didn't even run and we were leaving in a few short weeks. This is the Pickup Fix-Up Tour.