You see them all the time, a Yukon or Tahoe filled with kids going from school to soccer practice, to the grocery store, and finally parking in the driveway. How then, in a world filled with mundane rides, do you expect to stand out? Easy. Spend one day wrenching and enjoy newfound handling, better acceleration, and looks that quickly become the envy of other SUV owners. This month, an '07 GMC Yukon serves as our Fantastic Four donor and within a matter of hours, the fullsize SUV was looking stylish and performing better than ever.

How did we do it? We contacted Stylin' Trucks and ordered a Belltech 4/4 lowering kit and sway bars for improved handling, a Bully Dog Gauge Tuner, Airaid intake and, a Poweraid throttle-body spacer to get the 5.3L running and breathing easier. To cap off the Yukon, a set of Akuza 22-inch wheels and Toyo Proxes ST II 305/40R22 tires were bolted onto each corner. To handle the install while we snapped the pics, a quick drive to Autostyle, in Peoria, Arizona, was the solution.

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