Ultimate Body Mods
Agame-changer seizes the moment- the moment when most people weaken under the pressure-and changes the course of history. Take for instance, game 3 of the ALCS (American League Championship Series) when the Angels competed against the Yankees. With the Angels down two games to none, Angels' second basemen Howie Kendrick seized the moment going 3-5 with a homerun, triple, and scored the game's winning run in extra innings. The custom truck world has game-changers as well. Body-dropped fullsizes on 28s, audio systems with 160+db, and now Howie's '67 C10 built by Chassis by Aaron Iha, in Covina, California.

Finding a pristine '67 Chevy cab wasn't easy and after buying the immaculate steel cab from Bill O'Grady at Vintage Chevy Trucks and delivering the steel cab to Chassis by Aaron, we all thought some minor bodywork would have the classic Chevy looking good in no time. That would have been the case for a regular truck project, however Aaron had no intentions on putting a regular C10 body on that insane frame he had just fabricated.

After a couple sleepless nights, Aaron took out his tape measure and went out to the shop to see if his latest idea would work. Much to his, and quite frankly, our surprise, the measurements were close enough to justify cutting a perfectly good '67 cab's roof off. Don't miss next month's issue when you'll find out firsthand the other tricked-out mods this one-of-a-kind C10 will receive. Read on and check out the interview with Aaron Iha to see how Chassis by Aaron forever changed the custom truck game.

1. Aaron, after cutting the roof off of the C1500 cab, we see you and Dale lifting the roof off of the cab. First off, where did you get this crazy idea from?

2. How did you know for sure it would all line up? What year donor truck did you use? Did you just buy a cab from a junkyard?

3. The original '67 cab Howie bought was in pristine condition, did you have any reservations cutting it up?