We've all heard mom tell us guys "it's what inside that counts." Well, those aren't just words to live by when trying to find your soul mate, they also apply to creating a truly unforgettable driving experience. When getting our '09 Dodge Ram ready for its cover debut, we knew that even our plush, factory leather seats were only good enough for a stock truck's day-to-day commute, so we called Katzkin and had them put together a fresh set of custom hides for our ride. We took a little drive to Katzkin's headquarters in Montebello, California, for the install, and since it took less than a full day's work to transform our seats, we decided to liven up the interior just a tad bit further. We then ordered a few genuine Mopar accessories and headed to O.C. Motorsports in Costa Mesa, California, for a little lesson in how the little things can make a big difference in appearance. If you've been looking for a few interior ideas to freshen up your own truck, follow along and see how easy it is to make the cabin a highlight and not an afterthought.

As you can imagine, driving around in the supple red and grey covered leather seats does make for an interesting ride-it's a feast for the senses as they look great and the scent of fresh leather can't be beat. The fit and finish of Katzkin's seat covers is top notch, and the custom stitched logos make for a perfect way to customize the seats even further. As far as the Mopar accessories are concerned, the doorsill plates are a nice, welcoming touch that are noticed each and every time when climbing inside to take a ride. The adjustable LED lighting inside the cab is a pretty cool toy to play around with when cruising around at night, and really sets the mood if your soul mate just happens to be riding shotgun. (Truckin' Tip: Mom doesn't need to know everything, so take it easy on the details, boys.) The lighting strips that were installed inside the bed look cool and actually do an amazing job illuminating the bed in the dark. Make sure to check out the next step in our project Ram's buildup as we install a full custom audio system. Oh yeah, things are about to get really loud.


Time Spent Working: 10 Hours
Degree Of Difficulty: Iintermediate

Tools Needed:
Socket wrench, assorted sockets and torx bits, drill, fabric steamer, fabric staple gun, scissors, Phillips and flathead screwdriver, and zip ties.

Parts Used:
Katzkin Seat Cover Kit $774.00
Mopar Accessories Ambient Interior Lighting Kit $274.00
Mopar Accessories Bed Cargo Light Kit $219.00
Mopar Accessories Doorsill Front Kit $111.00
Mopar Accessories Doorsill Rear Kit $65.15

Total Cost: $1,443.15
(prices from mopar.com and do not include installation, shipping, or tax)

L&G Enterprises
882 W. Cienega Ave.
San Dimas
CA  91773
5858 Acco Street
CA  90540
OC Motorsports
2524 Harbor Blvd.
Costa Mesa
CA  92626
P.O. Box 21-8004
Auburn Hills
MI  48321
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