Our project Colorado gets driven hard on a regular basis and it was in need of sport seats. A lot of our bigger, more powerful rides get more attention, but it is still fun to drive even though Editor Dan Ward doesn't believe me when I tell him the 2.9L four-cylinder can light up the tires. The suspension and tires give the Colorado so much grip that anyone inside the truck feels like they're sliding around on the split bench seat, at least when I'm driving. Rather than tracking down a factory set of bucket seats, which run up to $1,000, and then reupholstering them to match, our solution was to upgrade to a set of Corbeau bucket seats. Corbeau has a lot of color options in several of their seats, but the GTS IIs are only available in various styles of black and gray, from economical vinyl all the way to custom two-tone leather and suede, which we chose. We made our order, including the corresponding Colorado mounting brackets, and we had our seats shipped out in no time.

The Corbeau buckets, with their top quality leather and suede and contrasting stitching, obviously look a lot better than the drab factory cloth, but how did they feel? The GTS II seats offer aggressive bolstering and even tall drivers fit into them well. It might take time for larger drivers and passengers to get used to the hip bolstering though, as the seats keep your legs pointed straight ahead. Granted the GTS II seats are only one seating option, Corbeau makes a full line of seats that are suitable for daily drivers or show trucks, so we recommend trying a set out in person to be sure the feel matches the look you're after.


Time Spent Working: Two hours, it was a one-man job.
Degree Of Difficulty: Moderate, on a vehicle without airbags it couldn't get much simpler, but fabricating the airbag sensor brackets could get tricky.

Parts Used:
Corbeau GTS II seats $575 (each)
Corbeau E2098T Seat Bracket $99
Corbeau E2099T Seat Bracket $99

TOTAL: $1,348

Corbeau Seats
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