We didn't have any idea that the 6.8L V-10 was hiding so much potential until the Banks Power Pack was installed. Even though the truck remained rather quiet, the results were amazing. Merging is now a breeze! Mileage was also improved in the weeks after the Banks install and before the lift. (We don't have enough miles on the truck with the lift to know how the wheels and tires have affected mileage yet.)

The look of the 4-inch lift and Nitto 35s is exactly what the truck needed, and the ride is even better than stock. Expansion joints in SoCal highways are still felt, but large jolts are absorbed much better. The new Trail Grapplers don't whine at highway speeds and are incredibly smooth at speed, so we're very happy on that front, and the USA Forged wheels were the right call since the offset provided left us just the slightest bit of rubbing on the passenger leaf spring at full steering lock to the right. Since there's no rubbing at all on the left, an adjustable track bar might eliminate it altogether. The turning radius is not good, but that was the case before the lift, so nothing changed there. The only drawback is that new brakes are practically mandatory since Super Duty brakes are already taxed when the truck is loaded. We'll address that in a future issue.