When we heard that Industrial Motoring, a custom shop just a few blocks from our Anaheim, California, office, had an install planned on a new type of tonneau cover, we knew we had to check it out. Mark Sandifer, a Roll-N-Lock technician, was already tearing into the install of an E-Series remote control tonneau on a new '10 Tundra. The E-Series takes the durable aluminum-framed, vinyl-laminated Roll-N-Lock tonneau to the next level, allowing one-hand opening and closing with the push of a button. The sturdy aluminum is basically a heavy-duty storm shutter, so it's built to take a punishing. Check out how Mark added new functionality to the truck in just a couple of hours.

The entire install for the Roll-N-Lock tonneau took only a couple of hours and the utility of the truck was improved tremendously. The cargo manager is a bonus, but the versatility of being able to have essentially a giant locking trunk like a normal tonneau and also the ability to haul tall loads with the push of a button is the real draw. Roll-N-Lock also planned ahead for a dead battery, with a manual bypass of the motor and keyed-access to the tailgate.


Time Spent Working: 2 1/2 hours
(Mark would have been faster if I weren't in his way shooting pics.)
Degree of Difficulty: Again, Mark made it look very easy. It would take an inexperienced installer more time, but the hardware made installation simple.

Parts Used:
Roll-N-Lock E-Series Tonneau $1,699.95
(Price from autoanything.com, not including tax or shipping)

915 South Dixie Highway
Pompano Beach
FL  33060