I've fallen victim to it, and most likely, you've been suckered into it as well. You find a gauge overlay for $29.99 on the internet and it looks legit, only when you've ripped your dash apart and installed it, your gauges are no longer accurate, for instance when you're driving at 45 and your speedo reads 85 mph. Sound familiar? Gauge overlays are a quick way to freshen up your dash, but if the "upgrade" doesn't work, you've just wasted your money. We hate throwing our hard-earned cash down the drain, which is why we skeptically ordered a new gauge overlay and bezel from Simco Ltd for a 2004 GMC Sierra. Simco has new gauge overlays or entire cluster replacements for Chevy/GMC, Ford, and Dodge trucks, and having installed their full replacement clusters in other project trucks, we knew quality and accuracy were first-rate. Our concern was, how would a simple replacement overlay stack up? Read on to see how the install went.

In an aftermarket world filled with cookie-cutter parts from China, being skeptical isn't a bad thing before you spend your money. However, we had to eat our words on this install, as the gauge overlay was simple to install, the instructions were spot-on, and the cluster fit perfectly. Best of all, the needles read accurately and the overall new look could be confused for an OE Silverado SS (only with nicer chrome rings). As a bonus, Simco included the specialty tools needed to make the install go even smoother and everything was packaged very well. Our only complaint was the nighttime backlighting. Our numbers weren't lit evenly and some areas were darker than others. Besides this one concern, this upgrade was money well spent.


Time Spent Working: 1 hour
Degree Of Difficulty: Beginner

Tools Needed:
7mm socket, 1/4-inch ratchet, 6-inch extension, small flat screwdriver

Parts Used:
Simco Classic Series gauge overlay/bezel 2028-701 $189.99

Simco LTD
1 DeMille Road
MI  48446