Last month we showed you how Chassis by Aaron Iha fabricated a one-off bed from sheetmetal and a piece or two from the original '67 Chevy C10. This month, the crew at Chassis opted to scrap darn near everything from the interior and build a wild interior from scratch. Incorporating new-car styling with the classic appeal of the C10, the dash is unbelievable. No need to bolt a seat in place, Chassis by Aaron will just build an entire seat frame, mounts, and put it on actuators with multi-driver settings for the ultimate in modern convenience. This amazing project is nearing completion, but we couldn't leave this intricate detail out of the buildup, so read along as we chat with Aaron Iha on an interior that will inspire you to go crazy on your own ride.

1-2. Hey Aaron, last time we checked out the interior, you and Dale had just welded the floorpan to the firewall after the new cab went on. It looks like you've been busy. Joking with you, I said the dash looks like a new BMW and an old C10 spent too much time listening to Barry White and eating chocolate, with this dash being the end result. Can you tell us your inspiration for its design?

3. I see you welding on a small box and you just mentioned a glove box. Is that really what i think it is?

4-6. You can't be serious. With all of the crazy one-off parts on this truck and you still built a glove box? Why not just fill it in or add a monitor or something?

7. Overall, the dash sure did turn out cool. I see what looks like three A/C vents. So this C10 will have A/C, huh? What kind of vents are you going to use?

8-9. Last time I stopped by, you were fabricating a powered telescopic steering column for the truck.