Flames will never go out of style. There, I said it. Yes, current trends are leaning towards cleaner one-color or two-tone styles, but flames are Americana and when you pull up to a show or a buddy's house with a nice set of hot-rod licks on your ride, a statement has been made. Apple pie, baseball, and flames—it's red, white and blue for the custom world. The laying down and painting of flames shouldn't be seen as mysterious, it just takes a smooth hand, creative brain, and some patience. Here are the basics on how to turn your daily driver into a real head-turner by applying some hot-rod-infused style in the form of a flame paint job.

To help us pull off the paint chores, we teamed up with Westcoast Racecraft and "Bigg" Mike Royall of Airbrushzone, both in Phoenix. Mike was an Honorable Mention in '08 for House of Kolor's Prestigious Painter Award and he was happy to fill us in on some of his painting secrets. In a matter of a few days, this silver '07 GMC Yukon was forever transformed with two sets of flames, in two different colors—House of Kolor Apple Red Kandy and Orion Silver. If you've ever wondered how flames are done or if you’re ready to add some to your truck, this story is for you.