There were really only two issues with the drop kit, and that's installing the C-notch and the need for new rear shocks. Lining up 10 holes on two different planes can be pretty frustrating, and even with the help of a lift and power tools, it took 4 hours just to get the C-notch in. New, shorter shocks were required and purchased right after this install. The only other issue was the wheels. Originally, the owner was going to get 24s, but went with 22s instead. A nice set of two-footers would have filled up the rest of that wheelwell gap and made the kit look perfect. Otherwise, the truck needed an alignment (which we recommend for any suspension mod), and drove great. There were no rubbing issues to speak of and now the Chevy turns heads when cruising around town. Shipping from Stylin' was fast and we even caught the drop kit on sale for $710.99, which is $70 off their regular price.