The most dynamic factor of the custom truck equation is paint. Your truck only gets one first impression and it's the truck's paint job that separates it from the rest of the custom trucks on the planet. Over the years we have seen truck's paint schemes go through cycles: wild candies, metal flakes, fades, flames, scallops, graphics, murals, and lace. Some of these styles and techniques have survived the decades and are still used and seen today.

This month, see how L&G Enterprises, in San Dimas, California, worked with House of Kolor to instantly change the demeanor of our in-house '09 Ram project. Before jumping into the paint booth and hoping the ideas in your head are the right colors for your ride, it is always best to consult a rendering artist. Truckin' Editor Dan Ward called R.J. Silva at Eye Kandy Designs in Las Vegas, to see if he could come up with some colorful renderings for our '09 Dodge Ram crew cab.

After narrowing the rendering selections down to one, Dan approached Jason and Theresa Contreras at L&G Enterprises about laying down some House of Kolor graphics. L&G has been painting high quality custom cars and trucks for the past 20-years. L&G's superior custom paint jobs have gained them award-winning achievements at SEMA and other custom car and truck shows throughout the country. Dan gave the folks at House of Kolor (HOK) a phone call and ordered their incredible prep, reducers, hardeners, paints, Kandys, pearls, and Klear for the exciting new project.

Pay close attention while reading, as you'll see firsthand some tips and tricks to getting the perfect graphic tape line for your truck's paint and see how the pros turn a stock truck into a wild show winner.