Buildin' An Ice Box
One of the last major mods we made to the Brown Bomber before we really hit the superheated roads of the southwest was to install an A/C system. From the outset, we made a firm decision not to drive through middle-America in August with no A/C. We're hardcore, but we aren't stupid. Our trip was going to take us through the 115-degree heat of Arizona and the 90-percent humidity of Louisiana, and merely driving faster with the windows down wasn't going to cut it. Luckily for us, Vintage Air is in the business of building heating and cooling systems for just about anything under the sun, including Mike's '73 Chevy C10, which will save us a ton of time tracking down factory stuff.

The Brown Bomber originally came with air conditioning, but it was missing most of the pieces of the factory system. Rather than hunt down parts that may or may not work from a wrecking yard, we went with Vintage Air's Sure Fit System, which ditches that giant compressor/evaporator from the engine compartment and places the new parts behind the dashboard in the cab. Each Sure Fit kit contains a firewall cover panel to seal off the opening left from the removal of the OEM housing and provides refrigerant line and heater hose routing. In addition to pumping ice-cold air into the cab, the Sure Fit System also provides floor heat and a dehumidified defroster. A/C can make or break a trip, and if your truck is in need of a cooler cabin, check our Vintage Air for a full line of air conditioning products.