Ever since I became a full-fledged member of the Truckin' staff, I've been lucky enough to take advantage of some great opportunities to further customize my '00 Chevy S-10. Before I started working for the best truck magazine ever, I had lowered it a few times and finally landed on a 4/5 stance that not only looked good, but it was just tall enough to not scrape on every single speed bump in town, which was a real problem since this truck happens to be my daily driver. After finishing a few cosmetic upgrades that were featured as tech stories in the mag last year, a fresh surge of excitement rushed through my veins-something that hasn't happened since I first started tearing into my truck. At that point, I knew I wanted to see more out of my personal ride, so I decided that stepping up to a full 'bag setup was a definite must (it's been on my wish list for nearly a decade now). Airbagit was more than happy to accommodate my enthusiasm, so they extended a warm invitation to their Tempe, Arizona, headquarters that I accepted without hesitation.

Airbagit's Street Scraper back half kit was the perfect solution to bringing the S-10's posterior down to ground level, and their Air Arms would drop the front perfectly. To complement the rest of Airbagit's air-ride products, they suggested their self contained Plug & Play unit, which included an upgraded DC7055 air compressor and a premium Air-Engine V-8 valve manifold that came prewired and ready to rock. With all the parts lined up, and the Airbagit crew ready to do their thing, I fired up my camera, and the long-awaited suspension transformation finally began. Follow along and learn, just as I did, how an air suspension works and how easily it can be installed.