Budget is a hot word right now with money being tighter than ever, and spending your hard-earned dollars on your truck has to be an educated purchase with parts you know will perform at a high level. We've experienced both good and bad advice on internet forums, but nothing beats trial and error. Fortunately for you, we're your crash test dummies. We install dozens of parts on a variety of trucks every month and when it came time to customize an '07 Toyota Tundra, we wanted every part to be an upgrade from what we took off. That is easy to do, but what we set out to do was keep as much money in our wallet as possible-that is not such an easy task. For this month's Fantastic Four, we focused on good looks, added capability, and more power for as much bang for the buck as you can squeeze out of four simple bolt-ons. The end solution provided us proof that, without breaking the bank, you can upgrade your truck and make it your own.

Airaid is a leader in cool air intakes, and their prices are very competitive, so it was a no-brainer for us to order a new intake for our stock 4.7L V-8. To keep cost as low as we could, an order was placed to Magnaflow for a single-inlet/dual-outlet muffler and then we took the muffler for a custom exhaust to be made at Pro Muffler, in Peoria, Arizona. This saved us a few bucks and allowed us to build the system to our design. For suspension, we contacted BMF for its latest leveling kit that raises the front end 2.4 inches and is made out of aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum. Tires of choice were 33-inch Toyo M/T muds and to make this Tundra stand out at any jobsite or office parking lot, we ordered a set of BMF S.E.R.E. wheels in Death Metal Black. These wheels are unlike any on the market and instantly transformed our Tundra from dealer-lot to mosh pit with the cock of a pistol hammer. Check out how we only spent $4,000 and easily turned this Toyota into a respectable driver.