The installation of the Ride Tech Ride PRO E3 Level PRO four-way system was a straightforward, bolt-on affair. We have, however, endured problems with the new e3 ECU and found its constant adjustments a bit distracting. To obtain the maximum rear drop, we removed our factory foam bumpstops and replaced them with shorter polyurethane units. Also, the dual exhaust was causing interference during maximum drop, so we cut the rear pipes off our dB Exhaust muffler and added turndowns. With the truck at maximum drop, we noticed the factory rear Panhard bar pushes the axle over to the passenger side and causes that side wheel/tire to stick out from the fender. We'll fix that with a custom piece later on.

After our initial test drive, the Ram's ride was not as compliant on the freeways, and with the heavy weight of the front end, it seems to float a little with the front ShockWave 'bags. The larger wheels and low-pro tires did effect the ride quality, but the awesome looks quickly outweigh that sacrifice. During our high-speed slalom test, the Ram performed admirably and body roll wasn't as severe as feared (though we will be adding bigger sway bars soon). With the 26-inch MHT wheels and Nitto tires, our Dodge turns heads everywhere we go, and this install proves you can have your cake and eat it too.