Custom truck enthusiasts are known to be dreamers, but the dream is not fulfilled until the unbelievable becomes a reality. Last month, we introduced our '50 Suburban "Sublime" project. In that issue, we visited Rodger Lee and his crew at Ironworks Speed & Kustom in Bakersfield, California. At that time, the incredible Chris Alston's Chassisworks g-Machine 2x4-inch full frame and suspension were assembled. It was now time to install a set of Chassisworks/Wilwood disc brakes onto the top-notch chassis.

With camera in hand, we returned to Ironworks Speed & Kustom for the second part of "Sublime," where Jason Breed bolted on the 13-inch front and 11 3/4-inch rear disc brakes. The Chassisworks g-Street front disc brake assemblies consisted of bolted together billet aluminum hats and hubs. Out back, the rear brake system was set up with Wilwood's drum-type parking brake system and Wilwood's DynaPro black anodized forged billet aluminum, four-piston calipers. The brake lines, fittings, and Wilwood master cylinder will be installed at a later date.

Project "Sublime" was not drivable at this point, so we couldn't perform a driving analysis of the Chassisworks/Wilwood brake system, but we look forward to coming to a halt as soon as the 'Burban is rolling.


Time Spent Working: 4 Hours
Degree Of Difficulty: Beginner

Tools Needed:
Wheel bearing grease, Loctite, wheel bearing seal tool, ball-peen hammer, 1/2-inch deep six-point socket, 5/16-inch Allen socket

Parts Used:
Chassisworks g-Street front 13-inch rotors, hats, hubs, Wilwood DynaPro four-piston calipers, and semi metallic brake pads $1,639.00
Chassisworks g-Machine rear brakes, Wilwood PN140-7140 11 3/4-inch rotors, Wilwood DynaPro four-piston calipers, and semi-metallic brake pads, also Wilwood drum style parking $679.00

Total: $2,518.00
(prices from, not including parking brake cables)

Ironworks Speed & Kustom
2762 Unicorn Road
CA  93308
Wilwood Engineering
4700 Calle Bolero
CA  93012
Chris Alston's Chassisworks
8661 Younger Creek Drive
CA  95828
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