Ever thought you could make that fun turn by your house going a little faster than normal, only to realize you've just pushed your truck past its limits? You get that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach, your knuckles get white, and usually that turn ends up not being very fun at all. If you can relate to that story, this tech article is for you. Our used and abused '04 Sierra felt more like a school bus trying to turn at speed and with a worn-out stock suspension, puny 16-inch wheels and 275/60R16 donuts, along with no rear sway bar, the truck wasn't raising any hairs on the back of our necks. To get to the bottom of our stock misery, we rented a runway at a private airport and strapped on Racepak's latest GPS data acquisition gear, the G2X, for incredible real-world performance information. This way, we'll know exactly what our stock 0-60 mph, slalom, 1/4-mile, and 80-0 braking figures look like. Once the testing was complete, the data told us what we suspected; our truck was slow, handled like a barge, and was a real buzz kill. No worries, we had a plan.

Our plan for a revived suspension consisted of dropping the truck four inches up front with a McGaughy's spindle and Hotchkis lowering coil spring, six inches out back with a McGaughy's drop shackle and Hotchkis drop leaf, strapping on some burly sway bars engineered specifically for lowered trucks from Hotchkis, and all-new shocks from McGaughy's. To get the most out of the suspension, we ordered a set of Nitto's new street-legal, ultra high-performance summer tires, the NT05. Project Novakane gets its anti cookie-cutter image and name from the wheels we bolted onto each corner-BMF Wheel's 20x9-inch Novakane's in Death Metal Black.

Handling was a priority, but power was a must. We knew the stock 4.8L V-8 still had life left in it and could crank out some serious power to make the Sierra really impressive, which is why we turned to Banks Power. Known for their extensive research, Banks is no stranger to products that "put up, or shut up", so we ordered a Power Pack, which consisted of a new Ram-Air intake, Torque Tubes headers, Monster exhaust, and OttoMind programmer-basically covering the usual suspects of performance bolt-ons.

Want to know how well everything performed? Follow along and get the facts. This way, we make it easy for you to decide what parts are best for your truck. To see the truck in action, check out truckinweb.com for video footage and exclusive autocross action where the old work truck surprised two race-prepped muscle cars!