This was the first transmission I've installed and besides the 4WD to 2WD issues (like new tranny mount, crossmember relocation, the welded crossover exhaust tube, and buying a new driveshaft), it was a straightforward process. Thankfully, we didn't have a hard deadline, so working on it for a full weekend wasn't a big deal and like all wrenching, several trips to the parts and hardware stores were required, (but when aren't they required). Now the truck has a crisp 1-2 shift and strongly holds each gear, helping get the big Jimmy down the highway. The best parts of this install are seeing the Jimmy driving under its own power, keeping a cool truck on the road, and knowing we did the work ourselves.


Time Spent Working: A Weekend
Degree Of Difficulty: Moderate
(mechanical ability and ability to follow instructions are key)

Tools Needed:
Large hydraulic jack, jack stands, assorted wrenches and sockets, flare nut wrenches, screwdriver, torque wrench, rubber mallet, wide piece of wood for tranny support

Parts Used:
B&M 700-R4 transmission 117101 $1,686.81
B&M Tork Master 2000 rpm torque converter 70420 $244.65
B&M Lockup control 70244 $186.13
B&M T/V kickdown cable 70242 $39.95
B&M Trick Shift transmission fluid $59.99 (case of 12 quarts)
Used speedometer gear adapter $29.99
Miscellaneous Grade 8 bolts for tranny housing $11.00
Transmission mount from '85 Chevy Camaro $12.99
Driveline's Inc. custom one-piece driveshaft $300.00

Total: $2,571.51
(All B&M prices from, all others vary by location and do not include tax, shipping, or installation)

B&M Racing
9142 Independence Avenue
CA  91311
Drivelines, Inc.
25651 Taladro Circle
Mission Viejo
CA  92691