New for 2011, this '08 Chevy Tahoe is one of the latest project trucks that we'll build right here in our tech stories. Making it big and mean was a must, but we also didn't want to lose any of its everyday usability. Careful planning was made to create a monster Tahoe that is deserving of a double take. Bulletproof Suspension is known for making lift kits that are almost, well, bulletproof. So, when we wanted to lift this '08 Chevy Tahoe, the Bulletproof 8-inch was an easy decision. And who in the Houston area can install such a detailed lift kit? Ekstensive Metalworks, of course. They are notorious for making trucks lay on the Texas tarmac, but they can, and will, do just about anything to cars and trucks, so making a truck go up and not down was an easy feat.

This Bulletproof lift adds 8 inches of height to the stock suspension. The basic lift doesn't include shocks, but we decided to go with the upgraded Fox coilovers that are a bit pricey, but offer a much better ride. With plenty of space between the lifted body and the ground, we bolted on a set of Nitto's new 35-inch Trail Grappler mud-terrain tires mounted on 20x9-inch BMF Novakane wheels. Nitto's new Trail Grappler is a hybrid off-road tire that combines the quiet and comfortable traits associated with the Terra Grappler all-terrain tire and the incredible traction and toughness of the Mud Grappler mud-terrain tire. The look of the Nitto tires and BMF wheels is uncompromising and sure to make the Tahoe look like it's ready to crush cars at a monster truck show. There are several reasons you may want to lift your vehicle, including tough looks, added off-road capability, and the ability to bolt on bigger wheels and tires, but no matter what the reason, a lift is a great way to make your truck or SUV that much better.

Better than factory ride with the upgraded Fox coilovers - Added capabilities - Aggressive looks
It's not easy to install - Fox upgrade is expensive