A man's garage is special. It's a place to come and bond with his custom truck, a place to learn, fabricate, and see his dreams turned into realities. A garage is also a place to hang out with your buddies, tell fishing stories of racing a so-and-so against a so-and-so, or simply bench racing previous custom trucks we've owned. What it's not is a parking place for the wife's minivan, or even worse, a storage space for all the extra junk we've accumulated over the years. Especially during the winter months, we tend to spend more time in the garage working on our custom trucks rather than suffering from the elements out in our driveways. Combine the winter months with the holiday season, and let's not forget the always-present need to upgrade our tools, and we had the perfect equation to make over our basic garage.

Turning most of the wrenches ourselves on Project Novakane, our in-house '04 Sierra performance truck, we've taken a great deal of pride in sweating the small stuff when it comes to doing things right the first time. The same "build it like the pros would" mentality can easily be applied to your garage as well, but in the form of professional tools, shop styling, and being smart about where you spend your money. We kept all of these things in mind when we placed our garage makeover order with Summit Racing and Genuine Hotrod Hardware. Rather than driving down to the mall to see what the local tool company had available, we cracked open the Summit Racing tool catalog. Filled with thousands of tools, toolboxes, and shop accessories from brands you've come to trust over the years, Summit provides low prices, easy ordering, and fast shipping. Best of all, you don't have to walk through the perfume and gardening sections to get to your tools, simply place your order at your house and in a few days, your front doorstep will be filled with boxes. If you're satisfied with your tools, but you know your garage décor could use a shot in the arm, good news, Genuine Hotrod Hardware (GHH) has what you need. From vintage metal signs and neon clocks, to hot-rod wall art and old-school gas pumps, GHH has you covered with prices that will make you question why it took you so long to create your own man cave. If you're tired of getting socks or sweaters for Christmas, circle the parts that you'd like to see in your own garage and leave this article laying around for the family to see. Hopefully you've been good and Santa will handle the rest. Take a look at how, with parts from Summit Racing and Genuine Hotrod Hardware, we transformed our boring garage into a place we're proud to hang out, cut loose, and work on our trucks.