How many times have you had to carry tall cargo in the bed of your truck, only to find you have to remove your existing traditional forward-tilt tonneau cover? After finding a buddy to help you remove your large, bulky tonneau cover, then you have to find a place to store it. After you have retrieved the large cargo, you need to find your buddy again to help you remount you traditional forward-tilt tonneau cover. One of the biggest perks of having a truck is freedom to haul, carry, and move large items with ease. A traditional tonneau cover looks nice and does a good job of protecting your bed, but if you use your truck for what it was built to do, you may need another option.

We recently found the solution to those traditional forward-tilt tonneau cover blues. The BAKFlip tonneau cover allows you to use your whole truck bed without removing the tonneau cover. The innovative BAKFlip G2 is a hard, folding multi-panel tonneau cover that allows each of the four hinged panels to fold forward towards the cab creating full access of your truck's bed, without removing the BAKFlip. When the BAKFlip needs to be removed it is easily pulled free with two fastening knobs and weighs only 40 pounds. The BAKFlip does not interfere with the bedrail stake pockets, allowing you to use overhead utility racks, tie-downs, or stake sides.

When the BAKFlip panels are laid out flat they can withstand up to 300 pounds of evenly distributed weight across the surface. Also integrated with the BAKFlip tonneau cover, is the folding BAKBox toolbox that allows you to store tools and small utility equipment with sliding trays. The BAKBox folds away instantly, for full use of your entire truck bed. After contacting the crew at 4-Wheel Parts in Redondo Beach, California, the store manager, Erik Bauhofer, introduced us to Jon Schneider, a 4-Wheel Parts ace installation technician. Follow along, as Jon installs the BAKFlip G2 folding tonneau cover on a 2003 Chevy Silverado Extended Cab with a 6 1/2-foot bed.