The right wheel and tire combo will make or break the look of your truck. The right stance will do the same. It will also make the driving experience better when your tires are not rubbing your truck's sheetmetal over rough sections of road. There's nothing worse than cutting the sidewall on an expensive tire because your wheels have the wrong backspacing and the tire won't tuck into the fender correctly as the suspension compresses.

Getting your wheel fitment right has never been easier thanks to WheelWork's Tire Mount Mate. This incredible tool will allow you to simulate your new wheels on your truck before you order them. The tool makes determining the right backspacing, rim width, tire size, and amount of suspension drop, simple and easy. A few hours spent with this tool in hand will ensure that you get your wheel and tire fitment right the first time, saving money, time, and hassle. Here's how it works.

From The Driver Seat
Before we got our hands on the Mount Mate, we relied on word-of-mouth, the Internet, and shoddy measurements made with borrowed wheels to figure out what rolling stock was perfect for or projects. Now we can confidently give the wheel company measurements that work and it's made planning our projects so much easier. In the past, we've had to rehoop wheels that had the wrong backspacing. Now our wheels fit right the first time.

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