Bright, vivid candy colors used to be for those who had deep pockets and didn't mind reaching into them when it came time to paint their custom truck. Those days are forever gone thanks to FLXPaint. That's right, this good-looking '08 Tahoe is covered in the latest vinyl coating technology. Vinyl has come a long way since the silly graphics of the Fast and Furious days and thanks to incorporating real paint into the vinyl, you now have a viable alternative to expensive paint and bodywork. FLXPaint is offering a patented three-layer cross-sectioned vinyl wrap that uses a base film layer, middle layer with OE-quality automotive paint, and a top layer of OE-quality clearcoat. The 2mm-thick vinyl is so nice, it will trick you into thinking the truck you're looking at just got out of the paint booth. In fact, according to this Tahoe owner, "People don't believe me when I tell them it's not paint." Most two-tone paintjobs cost between $4,000 and $10,000 depending on paint quality, spraying the jambs, and how crazy you want the dividing graphic to be. Imagine rolling into an authorized dealer with $2,400 and a stock paint scheme and leaving with a high quality two-tone that will last for years. After any time period, whether you're selling it, doing more mods, or just want a change, you can simply pull the vinyl off and the protected paint will not be damaged.

To see if this new process was really everything their website made it out to be, we made a FLXPaint two-tone appointment with JP Johnson, of Auto Distinctions, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He and his team had our project '08 Tahoe out the door in just under two days and the results, well, take a look at the buildup photos and make up your own mind.

• Looks like paint, people can't tell it's not
• Easy to install and remove
• Good product quality
• Low cost

• Fit could have been better
• Should have started with a darker color truck to hide imperfections

Time Spent Working: Two days
Degree of Difficulty: Professional
Tools Needed: Razor blade, squeegee, water spray bottle, paper towels, ruler
Parts Used: FLXPaint 023 Kustom Cola Metallic and 022 Kandy Copper vinyl coatings
Total Cost: $2,400.00 (Price includes vinyl coating and professional installation)
Auto Distinctions
10404 E. 55th Place
Suite B
OK  74146
FLXPaint Applied Coating International
25104 S 4170 Road
OK  74019
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