From The Driver Seat
The new Spring Tech lowering kit makes the Ram ride height four inches lower in the rear and three inches lower in the front creating a level stance. The ride became more aggressive with the upgraded Spring Tech gas-filled shocks, and shorter springs up front. By flipping the rear end atop the leaf-spring packs in the rear, it lowered the Ram’s overall center of gravity. The larger diameter Mamba Type M4 wheels mated with the Toyo Proxes ST-II 285/40R22 tires increased the lateral grip and straightaway traction. Under the hood, mating the K&N Gen 2 Air Intake system with the MagnaFlow exhaust (that he already had on the truck) improved the mighty Hemi’s horsepower and torque. Installing the system improved airflow and created a throaty performance sound along with more mpg.

Your Questions Answered
Time Spent Working: 8 Hours
Degree of difficulty Intermediate
Tools needed: Assorted metric sockets and wrenches (10mm, 15mm, 16mm, 21mm, and 24mm) ratchets, impact gun, medium straight blade screwdriver, screw jackstands, tiedowns, drill 516-inch drill bit, 38-inch 16 NC tap.
Parts Used
(Prices from manufactures and do not include tax, shipping or labor)
K&N Gen. 2 Air Intake Kit PN57-1533 $320.00
Mamba Type M4 22x9.5 wheels $305.00 ea.
Toyo Proxes ST-II 285/40R22 110V tires $275.00 ea.
Front Spring tech 3-inch drop coil PN252130 $229.00
Front spring tech drop shocks PNST-1300SL $69.90
Rear spring tech 4-inch flip kit PN302140 $189.95
Rear spring tech drop shocks PNST-2200LL PR $69.00
Total: $3,197.85

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