In Issue 4 of this year, we showed you how to lift your 2011 F-250 and make it perform better on- and off-road. This month we are showing you how to make it look as good as it performs. These simple, yet useful mods will not only add to the looks, but also add to the value of your vehicle. The first of which is a set of Amp Research Power Steps. These wire right into the factory wiring harness and are extremely helpful when you lift your truck. The steps tuck neatly under the side of the truck when not in use, but when a door is opened, they deploy to give you a step up. The next addition is a set of MGP Caliper Covers. These are for the person who wants the look of a big brake kit, without the high cost. These covers also act like a heat sink, helping to dissipate heat as well as keep brake dust down. They simply bolt onto the factory caliper and come in solid colors, custom colors, and can even be engraved with whatever design you want. Finally, a set of Recon LED taillights were installed for an upgraded look and added security. The lights are brighter than the factory lights, which aids in notifying trailing drivers of your intentions and they look great - day or night.

To get these products installed while we took the pics, we delivered the truck into the capable hands at Outlaw Offroad in Santa Ana, California, where Chris Paul installed them in a timely fashion. Follow along to see how easy these bolt-ons change the look and functionality of this 2011 Super Duty.


  • Easy installation
  • Looks good
  • Added Safety

  • Steps are a bit pricey

From The Driver Seat
The installation of these three simple products has made a huge impact on the looks and functionality of the truck. Before we installed the steps, we had to grab and pull on the steering wheel to get into the truck, but now we don’t have to risk damaging the steering wheel or column. Also, when not in use, you can’t even see the steps unless you climb on your back and look under the truck. The caliper covers look great and help keep the brakes cool. This aids in reducing brake fade, which is caused by overheated brakes. While we are braking, the new Recon lights keep tailgaters at bay and look good doing it.

Your Questions Answered
Time Spent Working: 3 Hours
Degree of difficulty
Steps: Advanced
Lights and Caliper Covers: Beginner
Tools Needed: jack, tire iron, flat head screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, 13mm socket, 8mm socket, ratchet, wire cutters, 9/32-inch drill bit, drill, Allen wrench set, wire ties.
Parts Used:
(prices from manufacturers and do not include tax, shipping, or installation)
Amp Power Steps #75134-01A $1,223.69
MPG Caliper Covers # 10120-S-CUS $340 ($200 for covers, $140 for custom engraving)
Recon tailLights #264176RD $299.95
Recon third brake light #264116CL $99.95
Total: $1,963.59

Outlaw Offroad
1703 E. Carnegie Ave
Santa Ana
CA  92705
6200 North Hiatus Road
FL  33321
Amp Research
15651 Mosher Ave
CA  92780
616 Marsat Ct.
Chula Vista
CA  91911
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