41. Wash your tires with soapy water and dry them thoroughly. Then wipe the tire down using cola, this will remove any dirt or road grime. Now you are ready to apply your tire dressing.

42. How to check for heavy "Bondo" or body filler, underneath paint. It’s as simple as using a magnet along the body surfaces. Place felt over the magnet before checking the metal surface so you don’t scratch the painted surface. Remember this technique will not work on fiberglass (Corvettes or body kits).

43. Use a tape measure to locate and mark your tape location for a two tone. Lay down the tape at the starting location, then unreel the tape, pull it snug, and hold it at the longest point. Now you’re ready to lay it down contacting the surface.

44. A Sawzall blade lubed with peanut butter sounds crazy, but it works when cutting frames or tough steel.

45. Add fuel stabilizer into your gas tank to keep the fuel from foaming and gumming up. Place a box of baking soda inside your cab to eliminate any interior odors. Disconnect the battery, then hook it up to a trickle charger. Put the vehicle on jackstands to eliminate tires from flat spotting and unload the suspension.

46. When wrapping electrical tape onto a splice where space is tight, like under the dash, or anywhere a full roll of tape won’t fit, make several wraps around the shank of a small screwdriver. You’ll be able to reach into much smaller cramped spaces.

47. When de-badging emblems and trim molding on your truck, use fishing line. Pull both ends of the fishing line tight and slip it underneath between the sheetmetal and emblem or trim molding and drag it.

48. Carpet is easier to install inside your truck if it is laid out in the sun for a couple of hours. It will fit the contour of the floorboard surface and be more pliable.

49. Aluminum foil works excellent for masking odd shaped parts, especially under the hood. It conforms into contoured and convex surfaces tightly and won’t fall or blow off.

50. If a vacuum won’t pick up animal hairs or small fibers, use duct tape. Wrap the duct tape with the adhesive side out around you hand. Remove the hair or fibers by patting the surface it will stick to the duct tape.

51. When block-sanding your truck’s body surfaces like hood, roof, door, bed, and tailgate, always use a sandable primer. After spraying on a couple of primer coats, go back and apply a guide coat using a contrasting color laying down vertical and diagonal tiger stripes. When you block-sand these surfaces, the high spots will be sanded away leaving the low spots. Apply another couple of coats of sandable primer. Then repeat the tiger striping guide coat. Then block-sand again until the tiger strips are completely gone. This means your surface is completely straight.