21. There are two types of spark plug thread seats: tapered and a compression gasket ring. A tapered seat should be first snugged finger tight, then tightened with a socket and ratchet an 1/8-turn. A spark plug that has a compression gasket ring should be first snugged finger tight, then tightened with a shocket and ratchet a 1/4-turn.

22. When disassembling and cleaning a rearend axlehousing, use a toilet bowl scrubber. It is the perfect tool for cleaning the ends of an axlehousing. Spray some engine degreaser on the brush and inside the axlehousing, and then insert the toilet bush and start scrubbing using in and out and rotating motions. Repeat this action a couple of times. Then rinse out the axlehousing with a high-pressure washer or water nozzle to remove the grease and gunk.

23. Always check the spark plug gap after removing them from the box. The spark plug electrode gap can sometimes be incorrect from the manufacture due to shipping. A spark plug gap tool is a handy tool to have in your toolbox.

24. When using Teflon tape, make sure you wrap it correctly. Nuts and bolts tighten clockwise unless it is a left-handed thread. Apply the Teflon tape in the opposite direction of the threads. As you view the end (the end of the thread that will first enter the hole), wrap the tape in a clockwise direction. This will prevent the tape from unwrapping as you thread the bolt into the hole.

25. After making an engine or pulley swap, it can be difficult to find the correct belt(s) for the new belt routing. To obtain an accurate measurement for the new belts or serpentine belt, set the adjusting brackets in the middle adjustment. Take a 3/8-inch diameter rope and place it around or route it through the pulleys. After routing the rope, tape the ends then release the adjusting brackets. Remove the rope from the pulleys. After removing the taped ends, lay the rope flat and use a tape measure to measure the rope. That will give you the correct length of your new belt.

26. Removing that GM frame coating can be a real pain, so try spraying some Easy Off oven cleaner and allow it to sit for a couple of hours. Then steam clean the frame. The frame coating will come right off.

27. Whenever disassembling parts of a truck, whatever it is, always store the small parts in a plastic bag. Make sure you label the bag with what parts are inside.

28. Pulling wires through a firewall or under a dash can be frustrating. Use a coat hanger or welding TIG wire as a lead. Bend the ends of a wire wrap or tape the wire you want to thread to the coat hanger.

29. To prevent denting your rocker panels and roll pans when using a floor jack, slide about two-feet of pipe insulation foam over the handle.

30. To help keep your windshield cleaner, pour a little white vinegar into your windshield washer tank. Just put it back in the kitchen.