From The Driver Seat
We’re happy to say that mom and kids are doing great and absolutely loving the new looks and ride of the Yukon. The McGaughy’s kit was a breeze to install and the only harshness felt during cruising is from the low-profile tires and extra-large 26-inch wheels. Baer’s AlumaSport brake kit does a great job of bringing the family transporter to a halt and with the custom-painted finish, they also add to the Yukon’s unique styling. Granted 26-inch wheels and tires are expensive, but with a $50K SUV, it’s either go big or go home. This same story could easily be done with a set of 22-inch wheels and the cost would be about $2,500 less. All in all, the bolt-on parts were a great success and we can’t wait to regain some power that was lost from the huge wheels and tires, but we’ll share that with you next month.

Your Questions Answered
Degree of Difficulty: Beginner
(though a coil spring compressor is needed)
Time Spent Working: 3 hours
Tools Needed: Metric sockets and wrenches, coil spring compressor, torque wrench, screwdriver, Loctite, hammer
Parts Used:
Baer AlumaSport big brake kit front 4301154 $1,465.00
Baer AlumaSport big brake kit rear 4302035 $1,295.50
Mazzi Krank 26x9.5-inch wheels $975.00 each
McGaughy’s 2/3 drop economy kit 34065 $499.95
Kuhmo Ecsta STX 305/30R26 tires $527.00 each
Total: $9,267.95
(prices from,, and and do not include tax, shipping, or installation)

McGaughys Suspension Parts
5680 W. Barstow
CA  93722
Baer Brakes
Mazzi Wheels
Total Auto Pros
5301 N. 16th Street
AZ  85016
Kumho Tires
10299 6th Street
Rancho Cucamonga
CA  91730