Got bass? We’re not talking about the factory subwoofer “upgrade” that you splurged on when you signed on the dotted line; rather we’re talking about earth-shaking, eardrum-shattering bass that makes your neighbors angry. In the world of car audio, JL Audio is a leader in performance and sound quality. What you may not know is JL Audio makes enclosures loaded with subwoofers that mount in your truck or SUV without impeding on cargo or seating space. These enclosures are called Stealthboxes and are easy-to-install enclosures that will let you crank up the bass to 11. All of that sounds great, but without quality amplifiers, your speakers might as well be made from burlap sacks. Amps provide the signals to your subs and components—skimp on these and your system will suffer. Combine JL Audio’s amps with a Stealth Box and your truck/SUV will be pounding in no time. Window-rattling bass is a key factor to enjoying the overall aural experience in your truck, as hearing the high and mid frequencies, which is why upgrading your factory door speakers is key to hearing the entire range and not just the booming bass.

When it came time to upgrade the audio system in our project ’08 Tahoe, we headed straight over to Performance Audio, in Tyler, Texas, for the installation of a complete JL Audio system. Removing all of the factory speakers, Monty Jones, James Halter, and Seth Davis began upgrading the Tahoe’s tunes with two pairs of components, two amps, a trick Stealthbox, and all of the necessary wiring and audio cables. Check out how the team at Performance Audio used their knowledge of wood-working and audio how-to inside our Tahoe to create a rolling concert hall that still retains all of its cargo space.

Your Questions Answered
Degree of Difficulty: Advanced
Time Spent Working: 15 hours
Tools Needed: Interior trim tool, screwdriver, router, jigsaw, welder, crimpers, heat gun, assorted sockets
Parts Used:
JL Audio C3-650 Evolution convertible components $399.99 (x2)
JL Audio M400/4 marine four-channel amp $449.99
JL Audio M600/1 marine monoblock am $419.99
JL Audio Stealthbox SB-GM-ESC/10W1v2/DG $799.95
Total: $2,469.91
(prices are MSRP from JL Audio and do not include audio cables or labor)

JL Audio
10369 North Commerce Pkwy
Performance Audio
3939 S. Broadway Ave
TX  75701
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