It sounded impossible to anyone who enjoyed sleeping, seeing their families, or who didn’t enjoy donuts and energy drinks. What it consisted of was building a back half from scratch, installing an engine and transmission, wiring and plumbing said engine, installing the brakes along with the front suspension and hydraulic brake assist unit, and narrowing the rearend, cutting the bed and front fenders for clearance, running the truck on a chassis dyno and tuning the truck, and assembling pieces as they came in from paint and body. All of this needed to be accomplished in only six days so that Project Novakane could compete at THROWDOWN. Deadlines suck.

It seemed innocent enough when I was hanging out with my buddy Aaron Iha and I asked him where the best place to narrow a rearend was. He laughed and said, “I do them all the time.” Then he asked me what I needed it for and the rest as they say, is history. He told me to bring him the truck and as a team, we would handle it. A daunting task for any shop, Aaron seemed surprisingly calm about the six-day deadline and on Friday, May 20, I trailered Novakane the six miles from L&G Enterprises, in San Dimas, California, over to Chassis by Aaron Iha, in Covina. What showed up was a painted shell with no engine, trans, no front end, and not much optimism. Not to fear, I brought donuts and Rockstar energy drinks.

Follow along as we show you how seven hardworking guys designed, fabricated, and welded in a new back half, bolted on a QA1 coilover suspension, installed an Aeromotive fuel system with Earl’s fittings and hoses, added a Hydratech hydraulic brake assist unit, narrowed the factory rearend and installed new Dutchman axles, and relocated two Optima batteries thanks to XScorpion and Pro Precision Billet, and managed to live to tell stories about it.

Friday, May 20: Day 1

Saturday, May 21: Day 2

Sunday, May 22: Day 3

Monday, May 25: Day 3
(four days until THROWDOWN)

Tuesday, May 24: Day 5
(three days until THROWDOWN)

Wednesday, May 25: Day 6
(two days until THROWDOWN)

Thursday, May 26: Day 7
(one day until THROWDOWN)

Friday, May 27: THROWDOWN

QA1 Motorsports
21730 Hanover Avenue
MN  55044
McLeod Racing
1600 Sierra Madre Circle
CA  92870
Earls by Holley
1801 Russellville Road
Bowling Green
KY  42101
Chassis By Aaron Iha
583 North Citrus Ave.
CA  91723
Dutchman Axles
PO Box 20517
OR  97294
Optima Batteries, Inc.
5757 N. Green Bay Ave.
WI  53209
HMS Performance
Aeromotive, Inc
7805 Barton Street
KS  66214
Be Cool
310 Woodside Avenue
MI  48732
Pro Precision Billet
11944 Regentview Avenue
P.O. Box 39220
CA  90239
Air Concepts
615 Kansas Ave
Suite E
CA  95351
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