Every now and then, a modification comes around that seems like it is a no-brainer to do. For instance, LED lights look cool, last a long time, and help make your truck safer—it's a no-brainer. If better handling and safer driving conditions are on your list of needs, we're here to tell you there is a no-brainer upgrade to make your truck take corners faster, switch lanes safer, and even drive on back roads with more spirit. The miracle cure is simply swapping out to bigger, stronger sway bars.

During cornering, body roll is created when pressure is exerted to the inboard wheel and tire. Your sway bay twists, like a torsion bar, during this transfer of energy. Most manufacturers sacrifice handling for added ride comfort, but you can have both by upgrading to larger diameter, heat-treated sway bars. For Project MOMM (Murdered-out Mommy Mobile), the 26-inch wheels and tires were really starting to take a toll on the handling capabilities of the Yukon XL. One call to Hellwig Products had a set of 4140 chrome-moly sway bars with polyurethane bushings, and heavy-duty hardware on the way. A really cool bonus for us performance enthusiasts who have lowered trucks and SUVs is Hellwig has applications for lowered trucks already engineered. You got to love enthusiasts making parts for enthusiasts. Hellwig has been manufacturing American made parts for more than 65 years, and besides sway bars, they also make leaf-spring assist units and air suspension kits for towing.

To handle the sway bar install, we cruised over to Insane Kustoms in Phoenix, and were in and out in less than two hours. After the sway bar installation, our Yukon didn't feel like a fishing boat trying to switch lanes and we're no longer fearful of freeway on ramps. What a difference just a few hours can make. To see all of Hellwig's applications, check out their website, or give them a call.