Working on custom trucks takes on a natural progression as you learn new things, develop skills after years of experience, and begin to take your abilities to the next level. Whether its engine assembly, bodywork, or chassis fabrication, one area where you’ll probably need to explore is the art of welding. We call it an art because when done the right way, it can literally make things out of nothing. However, when done wrong, it can be both dangerous and debilitating. Welding isn’t brain surgery, but it definitely helps to have the right equipment.

Welders come in all shapes, sizes, and manufacturers, but Miller Welds is a staple in the world of welding with more than 80 years of experience behind them. This month, we’ll show you a great all-around welder that does everything well and even does some of the thinking for you. Perfect for the home garage, Miller’s Millermatic 211 features an MVP plug that can be used in 120V or 230V. Even on typical home current, the welder can join up to ¼-inch steel, or up to 3/8-inch on 230V. The 211 features an Auto-Set gauge for quick wire diameter setting, is spool gun compatible, and incorporates Miller’s Smooth-start technology for a spatter-free start-up. Out of the box, all you need is an Argon tank to start fixing your suspension, building custom parts, or even patch up the holes in your floorboard. An available tool cart is an optional accessory and helps keep your welder mobile. We’ve used this welder on both home and shop voltages and it never ceases to impress. To check out the full line of Miller welders, go to