A truck's electrical system can create anxiety in the hearts and minds of enthusiasts ranging from newbies to seasoned shadetree mechanics. Today's trucks are basically one sophisticated computer running several smaller, specific computers tasked with operating the engine, transmission, brakes, interior, lighting, and safety systems. Trying to diagnose or work on several of these systems can be even more difficult if there are issues with voltage, ground problems, or worse, shorted wires. Thankfully, we've found a great handheld tester that makes working on any electrical system an easy job, rather than a difficult, stressful task.

Used right out of your hand, the new Power Probe III is a voltage tester, test light, bad ground indicator, short circuit indicator, and relay tester. What really separates the Power Probe from a traditional test light is its ability to power up components through its 20-foot-long battery lead set. Not only can you check to see if the component is receiving the proper voltage, but you can immediately test it to see if the unit is defective. This awesome feature is a great way to check wiring without busting out the repair manual or ripping out wires underneath a dash. When you are underneath a dash, the Power Probe has two LED lights to help you see what it is you need to be working on. As mentioned, the 20-foot leads allow you to check the entire truck from headlight to taillight.

We used the Power Probe when rewiring our Project Novakane truck and couldn't believe we had been working on electrical systems for years without it. Easy to use with its polarity lights and audible beeps, the Power Probe will always be by our side when working on anything with voltage.

Power Probe