With the constant onslaught of simple and reliable EFI horsepower available today, it's easy to forget that not all of us want or need huge power in a large package. Many truck projects on the road could benefit greatly from a more basic approach with a smaller cubic-inch assembly that would be a little lighter on the wallet. At the forefront of the Gen III and Gen IV LS engine rush is Turn Key Engine Supply located in Oceanside, California. For those wanting a smaller inch engine that still packs a decent punch, Turn Key has three engines just for you. With a range of 327ci 5.3L engines putting out 350, 400, and even 450 hp, we wanted to know more about these powerful and reliable engines.

Turn Key proprietor, Kolby Enger, has built a 14,000-square-foot empire of LS technology that can turn out an engine for a swap, sand car, rock crawler, race car, and everything in between. Turn Key's premise is to build its engines with top quality parts that will last, and give the customer nearly everything necessary for a successful installation and upgrade to GM's phenomenal LS power. According to Kolby, customers will only need to connect five wires, fuel, and cooling to be on their way to horsepower nirvana. With that kind of information in hand, we stopped by the company's headquarters for a closer look at what magic lies beneath a 400hp 5.3L.