We've all been there, getting out to the truck and turning the key only to be greeted by that pit-in-the-stomach feeling of the engine not starting. It's a big-time bummer when you need to be somewhere and you're officially stranded. Forever relieving that anxiety is Chicago Electric's new 5-in-1 portable power pack. Not only does it provide 600A crank/1000A surge emergency jumpstart, it can also inflate your tires with the built-in 260psi air compressor. Much like a Swiss Army knife that keeps revealing new and useful tools in a compact package, the 5-in-1 can power portable AC devices like laptops, small TVs, and charge your iPod with its 400W power inverter. It also has dual 12V power outlets to provide juice for additional electronics needing 12 volts of power. Capping off the impressive package, an LED work/map light helps you see the work area when the sun is down.

After using every function of the 5-in-1 power pack, we were extremely impressed with its abilities, engineering, and performance. We aired up flat tires, jumped a small-block V-8 with no problems, charged an iPod with a USB plug-in (not included in the kit, but part number 96515 for $5.99 will solve that issue), and even ran a Chicago Electric grinder with the power inverter. At just 17 pounds, the heavy-duty rubberized case isn't cumbersome and can easily be moved from truck to truck or to the jobsite. With a price tag of $119.99 and oftentimes on sale for $89.99 at Harbor Freight, the 5-in-1 is a great value. For more information on the 5-in-1 power pack (p/n 96157), check out www.harborfreight.com.

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