Bragging rights are a constant fought battle to determine where domination lies. Hardened warriors fight, claw, and kick trying to grasp for every inch of advantage. It's no big insider secret that Ford and General Motors have a decades-long brawl that will seem to rage on for decades more to come. With neither side showing any signs of faltering or wariness, we'll choose our side and watch the contest twist and turn through all the cheers and jeers. Not that any more competition is necessary between the two, but the thought of sending two gladiators into battle is an activity we just could not pass up.

With fairly consistent engine offering nearly identical displacements through the ages, the two have kept the gaps tight between the Blue Oval and the General faithful. Almost as if it was planned for each side's proponents to have some common ground to argue their finer points, the battle rages on for horsepower supremacy. For our test, we employed the help of ProCharger, a name well known to each player in the horsepower game and to admiring fans. What we came up with is a head-to-head face off comparing the supercharged versions of both Ford's and GM's new truck series 6.2L V-8 engines. ProCharger tested and recorded the stock powerplants on its in-house dyno before doing both intercooled supercharger installations. Once completed, it was back to the rollers for a final round of torture to sort out fact from fiction. In the blue corner we have the '11 Ford Raptor, and in the white corner we brought in a '11 GMC Sierra. Gloves up—let's fight!