After making our 2000 Silverado project truck sit nice and low with the help of an airbagged suspension, the next step was to take the truck from Master Image Customs to Unrestricted Auto Trends in Lake Elsinore, California. Jake and Al Provoost, along with Angel Esqueleto were going to make the body as smooth as it was the day it rolled off the production line and look even better than the engineers could have ever imagined. This was a massive undertaking, as the truck was a former work truck and the body had seen better days. It hauled everything—concrete, rocks and wheelbarrows—from jobsite to jobsite with little care in the world as to what it looked like. With less than two months before its debut at the SEMA show, a lot of work still had to be done.

The first step was to acquire the products necessary for the transformation. We made our first call to PPG where we ordered the primer, Silver basecoat, Blue Metallic basecoat, Yellow basecoat, and clearcoat. 3M was next, and we ordered all of the needed sandpapers, blocks, masks, and tape to remove the almost 10-year-old original paint, and mask the truck to receive its new colors. This being my first custom-painted truck, I had no idea the amount of work that needed to go into making this truck look great again. Not only was I taking photos of the process, I was also learning how to do bodywork, weld, and prep for paint. It was an incredible experience, and the results speak for themselves. Follow along to see how we turned this work truck into a full-fledged show truck.