OE Oil Filter Issues
The Ford 6.0L uses a cartridge-style oil filter element that is located on top of the engine.

To access the element, a black plastic cap is turned counterclockwise. As this cap unscrews, the element inside releases a spring-loaded drain valve that allows oil in the filter housing to drain back to the oil pan. One common problem related to this setup involves people trying to perform oil filter changes themselves. Many Power Stroke owners don't realize the importance of oil filter maintenance. Rather than twisting the filter from the housing as is common in a number of OE applications, the 6.0L unit must be pulled straight upwards. Twisting this element can cause big issues for the lubrication system. The filter element has the felt gasket material that helps seal the bottom of the element to the filter housing. When the element is twisted, felt particles can scuff off and remain in the lubrication system. This debris can clog the nylon oil screen located above the high-pressure oil pump. When this nylon screen clogs, it usually breaks and allows the entire lubrication system to become contaminated. The 6.0L's fuel injection system depends on a clean supply of engine oil to function. Enough contaminated engine oil can easily foul up the injection system, resulting in poor fuel delivery and ultimately poor engine operation. Bulletproof Diesel replaces the weak nylon screen with a robust stainless-steel version manufactured and sold by Ford. This upgrade prevents high-pressure oil system and fuel injection system failures.

1. With the factory front bumper removed, it's easy to see the location where Bulletproof Diesel relocates the engine oil filter. The system uses a much larger oil filter that, by design, cannot introduce contaminants into the lubrication system as the factory setup often does.

2. Here you can see the felt pad at the bottom of the factory oil filter element. This design inevitably introduces particles of felt into the lubrication system. By eliminating this arrangement altogether, Bulletproof Diesel can assure customers that the 6.0L's oil filtration needs are met.

3. Another part that we like about the Bulletproof Diesel oil upgrade is the additional port arrangement included with the system. Thanks to additional pressure and return ports, the system makes it super-easy to add upgrades such as a gauge or auxiliary cooling unit. We took advantage of this opportunity and added a bypass oil filtration device from Amsoil. A bypass oil filter continuously filters a small volume of engine oil whenever the engine is running. Think of it as an automatic oil change every time you drive the vehicle. The bypass filter shown here removes impurities down to 2 microns and leaves your oil the color of honey. We used fully synthetic 5W-30 Amsoil engine oil for this project because it offers superior protection for the various wear surfaces within the 6.0L Power Stroke. We also replaced the engine's antifreeze with the new Super Duty coolant from Be Cool. This coolant comes premixed and ready for use. It is compatible with all types of engine coolant, has a 267-degree boiling point and protects engines for up to 300,000 miles.

4. The Amsoil bypass filtration system includes a billet aluminum oil cap with a built-in return fitting. We like this setup because it allows you to physically inspect the oil after the bypass oil filter does its job. With the engine idling, you can open the cap and see the clean oil as it is returned to the engine.

5. With the new Bulletproof Diesel upgrades completed, the technicians reinstalled the factory front bumper and double-checked the fluid levels. A three-hour test drive ensured that the system was functioning properly across a variety of different driving conditions. We left Mesa confident with Bulletproof's work.

Our Honest Opinion
The improvements Bulletproof Diesel made to our donor F-350 required extensive man-hours to complete. All said and done, our bill totaled $ 7,500 for parts and labor (not including the Be Cool and Amsoil products). But when you stop and consider that this truck is used primarily for hauling expensive construction equipment to and from the jobsite, the expense is easily justifiable. The people at Bulletproof Diesel know their stuff, and with their product solutions installed, this Super Duty's owner has a new restored sense of confidence in his vehicle.

We don't recommend attempting this type of project without a vehicle lift. The process of removing and reinstalling the cab to the chassis requires extensive knowledge of several critical vehicle systems—not something you want to attempt at home with floor jacks. However, the upgrades are straightforward once you have access to all sides of the engine. As with any project of such depth, we expected a few days of driving would shake out anything that may have been overlooked. Much to our surprise, after nearly 5,500 miles of service, the owner of our donor Super Duty reported no major problems associated with the vehicle. The engine oil temperature is no longer tied to the temperature of the radiator coolant, and because of this, the engine runs cooler on long grades and while pulling trailers. Now that we have resolved all the common issues associated with our 6.0L-powered donor rig, we plan to follow up with a selection of power and efficiency upgrades.

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