Up to this point, you’ve seen Project New Guy, our in-house 2000 Silverado build, receive an airbagged suspension and the body get smoothed and covered in a sea of blue paint. After three long months of work, she was ready for her final makeover—the interior. When it comes time to transforming an interior, certain questions need to be addressed before buying anything. First, how crazy do you want to go? For this project, we wanted a big “Wow” factor without losing any everyday functionality. Next, we had to look at materials, colors and, of course, the audio. Lastly, we needed to figure out how much of the work we could do ourselves, and what areas we’d need to have handled for us.

The theme we wanted to go with was black and blue, whereas the factory interior color was a hideous light brown, without a trace of luxury. Unrestricted Auto Trends in Lake Elsinore, California, painted the truck, therefore it made sense to have them tear out the interior plastics and paint them either black or blue. By painting the plastics, we achieve the “Wow” factor that is required for any show truck, but we don’t lose any usability. The truck then went to Extreme Audio & Kustoms in Riverside, California, where the owner, Joel “Grommit” Sandenwasser, took over. He and his interior and audio guys went to work adding a bevy of Kicker audio. Application-specific, paintable kick panel speaker housings were ordered from Q-Logic, and a black carpet kit from AAC was installed. Adding some bling to all of the painted pieces, we quickly swapped the dash gauge panel for an upgraded Escalade piece from US Speedo, and capped the steering column with a billet wheel from NRC. While at Extreme Audio, the team wrapped the seats in two-tone leather seat covers from Roadwire, and wrapped the pillars, headliner, and visors in black suede, also from Roadwire. Supple textures and materials bring an air of elegance, while still being completely functional. If we can do it, you can do it too, so check out the story to see which methods can be applied to your truck project.