It's our incessant need to add some personal flair to the trucks we love to drive on a regular basis. In the case of this '09 Ford F-250, that flair came in the form of a mild suspension alteration. The slight altitude adjustment allowed us to fit larger tires wrapped around wheels that had plenty of eye-catching ability compared to the plain Blue Oval offerings we were replacing. Since we would be spending plenty of time traversing asphalt and roaming on the occasional rock-strewn trail, our choice in suspension heights was kept minimal with a Ready Lift 2½-inch front coil spacer and a 4-inch rear block. Before you try to figure out the odd front to rear equation, know that the factory 2-inch rear block gets removed. With the Ready Lift 4-inch block in place of it, our rear lift number only equals two inches over stock. A perfect elevation addition to clear the LT305/70R18 (35-inch) Nitto Dura Grappler tires and 18x9-inch Ultra wheel's Mavericks. With all of the towing and mild off-roading we do, the E-load rated Dura Grapplers were the perfect choice, and they have a 45,000 mile warranty. Outlaw Offroad is situated just a hop, a skip, and a jump from our offices, in Santa Ana, California, so we headed over there to receive our two-hour makeover. The install was easy and can be performed in your driveway in a day, but best of all, the new Super Duty transformation cost less than $2,900.

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