When prepping your truck to hit the marshes and backwoods in search of adventure, lighting is an important issue to address. Things that go bump in the night have the very real potential to leave you stranded deep in the boonies with no cell phone service to speak of. Having plenty of bright accessory lighting won't guarantee you a safe journey, but it will eliminate the excuse that you didn't see the obstacle in your path. Having your friends laugh at your expense is no fun after being stuck, cold, and alone.

To remedy the lighting issue, we turned to AutoAnything for some online shopping we could accomplish in the comfort of our own home. Our goal was to allow plenty of lights to be mounted to the exterior of our '11 Silverado project to facilitate our dirt exploration periods. With that same mindset, some dressed up lighting for the street wouldn't hurt either. Projector headlamps and LED taillights from Spyder fit our desires for a cool daily driving combination, and a smoked LED third brake light from Putco will back those up. Since this truck sees its share of hunting duties, a Surco Safari roof rack was bolted on to allow additional carrying space. Powerful LED lighting from Vision X was attached to the Surco rack and the Silverado's front bumper, turning night into day at the flip of a switch. Finally, a Bed Rug kit would provide a nonskid, cushioned area to store provisions and be able to hold up to inclement weather along with the day's hunt.

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