We cannot seem to help ourselves. As much as we would like to fight the urges that are inside of us, we cannot leave well enough alone sometimes. Case in point … Project Lead Sled. Up to this point, it has received multiple exterior makeovers, suspensions, and wheels. You have, no doubt, read about nearly every one of them on these pages. Where we managed to be sensible this whole time was under the hood. The Ram’s 5.7L Hemi made us mostly happy, but with the huge 26-inch wheels and corresponding 33-inch-tall tires, the extra unsprung mass had zapped more ponies than we wanted to admit. Magnacharger assured us they could restore our Hemi’s power potential and in the process, made some real ponies. Enter the steroid known as forced induction.

Having had multiple experiences with trucks that were supercharged and turbocharged, we knew full well the attraction of a Magnacharger system. Kits nowadays are considered basic bolt-ons and can easily add more than 120 hp to the wheels with nothing but basic handtools and a decent amount of mechanical know-how. Armed with the overwhelming need to purchase new rear tires, we threw caution to the wind and headed to Magnacharger’s Ventura, California, home base to have one of the very first Hemi supercharger systems in production for the ’09-and-newer Dodge Rams.

1990 Knoll Drive
CA  93003
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