As the owner of an '04 GMC Sierra, I love the slick looks of that body style's front end, however, I can't ignore the bold, broad, and tough looks of the '07-and-newer GMC Sierra front clips. The designers really nailed the big, one-piece headlights and simple, large-opening grille. Looking side-by-side at the old versus the new, it truly is a natural progression from the last body style to the current one. Herein lies the dilemma. What if you have a nice '06 GM truck with a custom interior, suspension, and trick bodywork already, but you want to update the front end to the current look? We're not going to lie and say it's a simple bolt off, bolt back on install, but if you start with the right parts the first time, you'll have a running start to a head-turning machine.

Looking at local dealerships and junkyards for decent body parts, the estimates we were getting seemed astronomical and we couldn't get all the parts in one place. Opening the new LMC Truck GM catalog to see what parts they had available, we were pleasantly surprised when everything we needed was in stock and ready to ship. When we say everything, we mean the nuts and bolts, and everything in between. With each part receiving an exploded view in the catalog, we easily ordered all the parts needed to bring our '06 Sierra up to date with brand-new trucks. In a few days, a delivery truck unloaded several giant boxes with a new hood, fenders, grille shell, radiator core support, bumper, valence, headlights, foglights, light brackets, frame horns, and all of the necessary nuts, bolts, and wiring harnesses. To make our '06 Sierra look like a new-body-style, we drove our former cover truck to Lucky Luciano Custom Paint, in Phoenix. As the painter of several magazine feature trucks over the years, we had full confidence that he and his team could transform our GMC. To see how they did it, check out the story, and for all your body parts needs, go to

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