During the buildup of this go-anywhere, do-anything 2011 Silverado, known as 12-Gauge, we've shown you nearly everything from front to back. Hopefully you have gained insight into how simple it really is to build an eye-catching truck that is still capable of being used for work or play, without making out of this world modifications or breaking the budget. With this last installment of the Silverado's makeover, the guys at Digital Media Giant finally altered the Chevy's outer skin. To meet the rendering's unique look, All Pro Stickers, in San Diego, performed a complete vinyl wrap in a killer urban camouflage motif that looked street cool, but would also serve to protect the underlying paint from undue damage on those backwoods expeditions.

Applying vinyl is less labor intensive than paint, but still requires a good amount of work to apply properly. With a wide range of pre-colored vinyl including metallic, candy, pearl, and matte finishes, plus the option of custom printed materials, it's easy to understand why it has grown in popularity. If you have been thinking about vinyl but couldn't decide what was truly involved, follow along with the steps to see if the sticky stuff is right for you.

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