Last month, we delved deep into Project Tarmac, a 2012 F-150 being built by the talented father and son duo of Ron and Casey Scranton, of CGS Motorsports. We showed you the custom suspension work, rearend being narrowed, and those huge wheels and tires being stuffed under the bed, but this month we're cracking into the unique bodywork and one-off interior. Taking a welder and cutoff wheel to Ford's iconic and über-popular F-150 isn't something for the faint of heart, but for these two custom truck aficionados, it was a must to make their truck really make people scratch their heads.

The exterior mods seem simple at first glance, but it's the uncanny attention paid to each detail that will make you undoubtedly appreciate the amount of work put into it. The hood, doors, handles, tailgate, roll pan, and grille are all so custom they look stock. We know it seems impossible, but just take a look at the work they did in this story and then go back and look at the cover feature found on page 64 for a virtual "light switch" moment. You'll just get it, and then you'll never be able to look at another stock F-150 the same.