Ford’s release of its new 5.0 V-8 has set the aftermarket on its rear trying to play catch up. We have had our hands on a number of F-series trucks with the entertaining Coyote engine and it’s all we could do to wipe the smiles off our face. Can it be made better? You bet it can. Enter the Roush Performance calibrated supercharger kit (PN: 421244, $6,499.99).

Completely reworked for the 5.0L, the Roush R2300 TVS supercharger is a roots-type, positive displacement supercharger that features twin, four-lobe rotors. Combined with the newly redesigned air inlet and outlet ports, the unit delivers higher efficiency and operating speeds creating a smoother flow of air with less noise. Included in the kit are the supercharger unit, lower manifold with liquid intercooler, twin 60mm throttle body, cold-air induction with 100mm MAF tube, air to water intercooler with liquid pump, 47-pound injectors, zero heat range spark plugs, and all the brackets, fasteners, wiring, and clamps to make for as easy an installation as possible. We opted to head to Stillen in Costa Mesa, California, to let the performance pros handle the Rouscharger’s installation. Stillen sells and installs superchargers for all types of cars and trucks. Follow along as one of its performance specialists installed and dyno tested the Roush supercharger on a 2011 F-150 with the 5.0L. With a Roush-rating of 515 crank horsepower, we were excited at the possibility of wasted rear rubber!

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