Notes still pop up on our digital media spaces questioning why we would ever lower any truck. That is an easy question to answer. We respond that it produces great looks, better aerodynamics, improved fuel economy, and not to mention upgraded on-road handling for the twists and turns of your favorite canyon road. We can also go on by saying the truck is left undamaged and still has its full trailer and weight carrying capacity in most cases so it’s still a functional truck. If you add up all those answers, then it begs the question, Why wouldn’t we want to lower trucks?

Having been in the industry since darn near the beginning of time, Belltech performance suspension has been a long time leader in truck lowering technology. When we had the opportunity to install a lowering kit on a 2012 Ford F-150, we jumped at the chance to use Belltech’s latest lift/lower front strut system. For trucks like our F-150 that have a front strut, Belltech supplies the kit with coil seat spacers that will allow nearly everything from two inches of lift to three inches of lowering in half-inch increments. Should you want to get down farther, you can always add in one of Belltech’s performance lowering coils. For our application we were going to do a full 4-inch front and 6-inch rear drop, but after some measuring for the planned tire size, we decided to stop at three inches up front and five inches out back.

Follow along as we chase the Custom Truck Shop of San Dimas, California, around the underside of a new Ford F-150.

Custom Truck Shop
846 W. Cienega Avenue
San Dimas
CA  91773
1075 North Avenue
CA  93657
Yokohama Tire Corporation
601 S. Acacia Avenue
CA  92831